Santa Cruz Celiac Support Group

The Celiac Maze

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You enter the store for a gluten-free meal, But ingredient lists soon make your head reel. Now you’re wandering around in a glutinous daze Twisting your way through the celiac maze. Searching out gluten is not very easy— Make a mistake and you soon will feel queasy. You try to read labels: the words are so tiny, Next thing you know you feel grouchy and whiney. Three paragraphs later you’ll find, sure as shootin’ The meaning’s obscure, the terms highfalutin. Citric acid and malt, food starch, oats, and dextrin Next thing you know your head’s in a tailspin; Lecithin, dextrose, and diglyceride, You’ve got to pull up fast, you’re in a steep slide! Vinegar, flavorings, vitamin e; You’re starting to black out, and now you can’t see. The ground’s coming closer, you’re going to crash, Throw it all out, you scream, right in the trash!

You’re flat on the ground, you can’t get any lower It’s time to think now, and go a bit slower. Join a support group, read a gluten-free book, Learn all you can and then take a new look. Check out the internet for gluten-free sources; Enlist family and friends, use all your resources. Call manufacturers, get a gluten-free guide; You’re back on your feet now, you’re starting to glide. Gluten-free cakes, cookies, bagels, and doughnuts, You just can’t believe it; you’re starting to go nuts! Bread, pasta, and crackers now fill up your pantry. And now you sigh: life is all that it can be.

By Pam Newbury