Santa Cruz Celiac Support Group

National Celiac Support Groups

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This list represents my current knowledge of the celiac community. As much as I try to keep it up-to-date, things are changing so quickly this is becoming harder all the time. So, if you find something that is not current or a link that does not work, my apologies, and do let me know so I can update my file.

Celiac Sprue Association

CSA has the best newsletter in terms of general information and support. Subscription is included with membership ($33). You can order a copy of their CSA Cooperative Gluten-Free Commercial Products Listing” at To order by credit card, call toll-free 877-CSA-4CSA. The 14th edition to be released in 2010 costs $30.00 and is available in either book or CD format. Also available are restaurant cards. They also have brochures and a medical advisory board for specific inquiries. They have annual conferences in a different city each year.

P.O. Box 31700   Omaha, NE 68131-0700   Phone:(402)558-0600   Email: [email protected]

GGluten Intolerance Group

GIG is centered in the Pacific Northwest, although they have chapters nationwide. The newsletter offers medical papers, recipes, news about the group’s activities, and other news of interest to celiacs. The newsletter comes with the membership ($35}. GIG occasionally offers Gluten-Free cruises (a good way to go on vacation without worrying about your diet). Each year they sponsor a gluten-free Kid’s Camp on Vashon Island in Washington.

Celiac Disease Foundation

Based in Southern California, this group has meetings, workshops, and other events throughout the year as well as an annual conference. Their annual meeting is usually in the Los Angeles area. Their newsletter includes lots of product information and information about restaurants as well as medical papers and other articles of interest to celiacs. Membership is $35.00 per year and includes their quarterly newsletter.

Email: [email protected]

There are now more web sites, blogs, lists, and forums than I can list here. This list will get you started, but if you search around you will be sure to find celiac resources on the internet that suit your particular needs.