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How UCSC Handles Special Diets (2010)

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Two months before starting UC Santa Cruz my doctor said I was severely anemic. After blood tests, iron infusions and an endoscopy I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I had a 7 day meal plan, what would I eat?

Fortunately, the dining hall manager understands celiac, cross contamination and hidden wheat. He said every year more and more students request gluten free foods. Crown College is the only dining hall with a GF lunch and dinner entrée every day (except on weekends when it’s closed). Breakfast has a lot of naturally GF foods – eggs, meat, fruit, yogurt. Food is labeled gluten free (or vegan, dairy free, nut free, shellfish).

The variety and quality of the food is similar to other food in the dining hall. It’s not uncommon for non-celiac students to choose the GF entrée if it’s something they like. On weekends the open dining halls have gluten free breads. I just choose foods that are naturally gluten free.

We bought a mini-fridge and I try to stock my dorm room with things I can eat. Trader Joe’s rice noodle soup has been helpful. I’ve been told the Staff of Life has lots of gluten free dinners, but it’s not as easy to get there. Sometimes eating GF gets old.