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Serving Celiacs and Those Allergic or Intolerant to Wheat or Gluten In and Around Santa Cruz, California. Welcome to the Santa Cruz Celiac Support Group! This site supports celiacs and others who thrive on a gluten-free diet. Along with information about Santa Cruz area celiac events, restaurants, destinations, stores, and support, this site includes other information helpful to both new and experienced celiacs. Check out our site and explore all the wonderful gluten-free resources available in Santa Cruz.

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About The Support Group

We offer online group support and one-on-one help.

Central California Online Celiac Support Group

Join the Celiac Bay Area online support group to connect with the local celiac community from Monterey to San Francisco.

Gluten-Free in Santa Cruz

Favorite Restaurants

Dining gluten-free in the Santa Cruz area.

How UCSC Handles Special Diets

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Finding gluten-free food on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

Gluten-Free Recipes

Fish Sticks

Gluten-free Stuffing Recipe

A traditional Thanksgiving dinner includes many gluten-related dishes. Here’s a gluten-free stuffing recipe.

Pam’s Perfect Pizza Crust

A great-tasting pizza crust even gluten-eaters will like

Vegetable Gravy

Here is an alternative gravy that is healthy and also great for low carbohydrate diets. You can also use the extra broth from this for the stuffing. If you are going very low carb, omit the carrots and replace with fennel.

Living Gluten-Free

Birthday Party Tips

Tips to help get your gluten-free child safely through a glutenous party world.

Eating Out Gluten-Free?

Eating out is always a risky proposition for gluten-free dieters. Here are some general tips for staying healthy while eating away from home.

How To Determine If A Product Is Gluten-Free

The best way to determine if a product is gluten-free is to contact the manufacturer. Reading labels only tells part of the story.