Santa Cruz Celiac Support Group

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk does not have any food they consider to be safe for those with celiac disease. While they have some gluten-free options, they stress that cross contamination can occur on their premises and from their suppliers.

Those who are less sensitive will find gluten-free hamburger buns (at Dipper Diner and Barbary Coast), nachos, sweet potato fries, and hot dogs without buns. While most of their fryers are not dedicated, when last checked, the Tater Twists booth serves and prepares only fresh potatoes in their fryer (BUT, make sure that is still true before you try). The California Wraps booth has rice bowls that may be gluten free, however…they are served in wheat-based compostable bowls. The Barbary Coast also serves breakfast bowls and eggs. Las Palmas Taco Bar across from the wharf has some gluten-free options (ask questions about cross contamination and shared fryer).

For details and up-to-date information, contact the Boardwalk’s guest services at (831) 423-5590 or email:

For those who are sensitive to cross contamination, try one of the local restaurants on the wharf. A few of the restaurants on the wharf have some gluten-free options; Riva Fish House has a few items on their menu that can be made gluten-free. Stagnaro Bros outdoor fish market at the end of the wharf has crab and shrimp cocktails and smoked salmon served over-the-counter that can make a quick snack. Closer to the Boardwalk, if you like Thai food, consider Sawassdee by the Sea, located in the Casa Blanca Inn across from the beach; they have many gluten-free options on their menu. Again, ask questions appropriate to your situation when you visit; these restaurants are only suggestions.

While true gluten-free food is sparse at the Boardwalk, stay open to novel solutions using modern technology. One intrepid group ordered a GF meal from PF Chang’s in Monterey via Doordash.